Tuesday, May 13, 2014


For the last blog post I decided to talk about Flobots- "Handlebars"

 Upon first listen, it seems like a happy song about riding bikes, this is not the case. It begins with two friends biking and coming to two signs, one with a "C" for corporate and one with a dove symbolizing peace. The video does an excellent job of depicting the theme of the "dove" (peace) and the corporations clashing. Throughout the video, the story becomes darker and darker. This feeling of darkness is done by the use of increasingly dark colors and depiction of violence. The animation is well done, and captures the viewers attention while visually depicting themes/songs lyrics. The entire video is sort of a discussion about our modern society and the way technology has developed. A theme in the story is the ability for technology to be used for pain and violence. They discuss the ability to use drones to kill people thousands of miles away, and portray it in a somewhat gruesome animation.
The song/ video do an amazing job of portraying a story and a difficult/reoccurring theme. The dove is portrayed multiple times being destroyed by the corporations.  The relationship between the music and visuals of the video correspond perfectly. I feel the shots are seamless and make the story/song understandable to viewers. The video uses close ups and long shots to show different aspects of the story. The close ups are generally to show the detail or symbolism of a moment. The visuals enhance the music, which is not always the case. I'm glad I re-watched this video and came to a better understanding.

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