Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sound-off Sound-walk

I chose to do the sound walk in my neighborhood (Bushwick). I decided to do it in the evening since I thought there may be some interesting sounds I haven't noticed. I have never tried to do something like a sound walk in a place with so many noises.

When I walked outside, the first noise I was able to hear were the numerous cars driving fast. I walked on the traffic heavy road for another ten minutes. I started to notice how different each car sounded and that some were really loud, and others had a rhythm to their engines. During those ten minutes there was also a great deal of honking. It was also nice to hear the shift from cars driving to the semi-silence of the stoplight. I moved over to a different street that has more foot traffic. I walked under the train tracks and listened to the train roar through the station in both directions. The sound of the train drowns out so much while it's going by. I kept walking and started hearing a lot more human noises. There were the usual people on Broadway selling incense  and other stuff. They were all talking about the weather when I went by. There was the sound of the Halal truck, the man said hi to me and I waved back. He was chopping up some meat for a customer, the sound of his knife and the sizzle of food was audible over all the other street noises. I kept walking, I passed by a man singing and then by a church where the congregation was singing, listening to the music of the band, and the words of their preacher.  I overheard the words a couple exchanged while walking by, and the sound of the girlfriends heels. And then a plane flew overhead, and I thought about how difficult it is for me to try and hear the sounds above me when there are so many sounds on my level.

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