Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Museum of Moving Images

The demo my group experienced involved the sound production for films, specifically the Titanic. Our guide went through the various levels of audio that make up the finalized version of the film.  As a group, we dissected the audio for the scene where the Titanic is sinking. It is a scene of utter chaos. To begin, there was one level of audio that mostly consisted of loud sounds of things breaking and the ship sinking. We also discussed the different objects that were used to make up the sounds of the ship sinking. Then there was the actors/actresses voices which had to be added in because there is too much noise in the scene for their lines to be heard properly. In addition to their voices the actors fell and ran around, which was another level of sound. Then there was the music which was really intense and powerful. When you heard each of the parts by themselves it didn't seem correct, but together they worked well and as a normal viewer you wouldn't think there were so many layers of sound.
For future visits, I think it would be better to let students learn about these processes on their own since the tour seemed oriented toward a younger audience. The guide went over a lot of information I have heard in most media classes, and I'm sure my peers felt the same way.

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